LA MAISON DU CALOT is an online store of medical textiles that manually and meticulously makes caps (hats) and masks in 100% cotton fabrics, washable, reusable of excellent quality and made in France!

Discover beautiful caps (hats) and masks in fabrics for men, women, children with various and varied colors, plain, flowery, animated .... !!

At the initiative of this creation, Claire, a young woman, exercising in the medical world and passionate about sewing decided to combine her profession and her passion by first creating calots.

One day she arrived at her work with a beautiful hat on her head, and here is the trend is launched in her service, and since then this young woman has pleased more than one with these magnificent calots that circulate in various hospitals, aesthetic centers, caterers ....

Subsequently la maison du calot had the idea to create masks in 100% cotton fabrics with various patterns or plain to complete the outfit!

LA MAISON DU CALOT has created these masks and caps in order to make you more glam's, chic and trendy by giving a nice touch of color to your outfits!

LA MAISON DU CALOT made her fabric selections with a lot of imagination for a sublime final rendering!

Our policy: Regular creations, unique throughout the year allowing to have a wide choice with different styles.

Customer service always available and at your disposal!